Evolution of thinking

For over 30 years ICG Director, Ben Kehoe has 'talked about' creating a learning centre, which focussed on the development of human potential at work.

This dream has manifested in his daily work with clients.  Ben works to build sustainable businesses with a focus on strategy and strategy implementation.  He encourages individuals and teams to engage in a continuous learning process. It is the key to successful implementation.

His experience in Public and Private Sector - Family Business and Public Companies - Religious Congregations and Entrepreneurial businesses provides him with a wisdom and capacity to work with any individual or group in a facilitative manner to uncover - discover the future.

Over this time his project work has ranged from major change programs in large organisations to long term "business competence building project' with emerging entrepreneurial businesses.

These consulting relationships have extended over long periods in the role which is now fashionably called Mentor-Coach.


The philosophy at the heart of his work is based on the premise that each individual, group, BUSINESS has the solution to his/her/its own problem and/or future - all it requires is a process of learning and "discovery" for the solution or Vision to emerge.

Arising from the above experience, Ben has identified 9 important business insights:

  1. Wealth Creation which benefits the community is at the heart of any successful business
  2. Productive work (and therefore business) is a source of meaning for humanity
  3. New business models are emerging in this 21st Century
  4. Specific strategic mind sets are required to build a sustainable buisness
  5. That the leadership role is to create the "space" where others can shine and to allow the story to unfold
  6. That a team of modestly competent people will produce a better than expected outcome with the right process in place
  7. There is a difference between working "on the business" and working "in the business"
  8. That managing strategy development and implementation is a process not an event and learning is the key
  9. That a high level of intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness and skills are required to lead high performing work groups and businesses

These insights are the platform on which all learning events are created.


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"Ben pioneered Business coaching before it was fashionable"

Managing Partner, Accounting practice