Business Leadership Coaching

"No one has ever achieved high performance levels without coaching." Verne Harnish

Coaching in business is a more recent phenomena and it appears to have evolved from a thesis that to achieve "goals" there is a need for a continuing process of learning and change.  Sporting teams (and athletes) have always had coaches but in business it is a more recent development.

The philosophy of coaching has evolved around the following principles:

  • Each leader has a unique learning process;
  • Each leader knows what to do - there is just a "fog" which prevents them from seeing it clearly; and
  • The gift of the coach is to assist in the clearing of the "fog".

Entrepeneur Forum


"Ben Kehoe is the first facilitator I ever worked with who really understands the intimate connection between human endeavour and corporate ambition. any attempt to decouple these concepts in a company context is a recipe for failure."

Richard Haire, CEO - Olam Pty. Ltd. (previously CEO - Queensland Cotton)