Business Leadership Coaching

"No one has ever achieved high performance levels without coaching." Verne Harnish

Coaching in business is a more recent phenomena and it appears to have evolved from a thesis that to achieve "goals" there is a need for a continuing process of learning and change.  Sporting teams (and athletes) have always had coaches but in business it is a more recent development.

The philosophy of coaching has evolved around the following principles:

  • Each leader has a unique learning process;
  • Each leader knows what to do - there is just a "fog" which prevents them from seeing it clearly; and
  • The gift of the coach is to assist in the clearing of the "fog".

Consultation on Strategic Issues & Challenges

The major challenge facing any business leader is moving agroup of employees from Point A to Point B with maximum coherence and productivity.

The consultation process is focussed on working with the business to address issues and challenges so that implementation plans can be developed and an ACTION plan put in place. Assignments can be as limited as a few days (workshop facilitation) or they can extend over a few years working with the leadership in the capacity of "coach/mentor", as the implementation process evolves.

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"Ben has the capacity to both confront the issues but allow you to solve the problem - he always gives you the choice."

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