Social Media - Week 2

Social Media – My Story
Week 2

Well what do you know a second Blog – it seems that fronting up is the key! Social Media is still a mystery – I can see the elements – but what to do?I have web site, a LinkedIn account, A Twitter account, a Face Book Page and now a Blog – so what?What actually do I do with them and why would I bother anyway!So what is the purpose of a Blog?"Writing letters to the Universe" is my initial response and that seems pointless!Reflecting on life the world and the Universe – how is that useful?Marketing – me – my business – my ideas – somewhat self-indulgent really!Maybe I could reflect on my learning's after thirty-five years as a Management Consultant!! Again extraordinarily self-indulgent!The Blogs I have read – mostly on Harvard Blog are written by "major thought leaders" on a range of Business and Life issues!Am I a thought leader?The challenge of writing a Blog is with me! – And what am I to write about anyway!On my CEO Institute Bio. I claim competence in the following areas:Ben's industry experience extends over Consumer Goods (Pharmaceuticals and Food), Industrial Products, Manufacturing and Processing, Financial Services, Agribusiness, Biotechnology and the Fuel Industry. He has extensive experience in the following areas:• Governance in Family and Private companies• Commercialisation of Statutory systems• Public companiesIn another Forum I articulate it as:• Strategy Development (including Strategic Repositioning)• Corporate Governance• Management of change and transitions• Growth phases in Entrepreneurial BusinessIn My Twitter account (in 160 letters) I say:Husband, Father, Grandfather, Business Thought leader with interests in:• Corporate Governance• Strategy• Spirituality• Leadership• Entrepreneurship• Australian BusinessWhile the above are already "in play"  I also claim to have a breadth of vision, a capacity for long-term commitment and an understanding of the process dynamics of change in markets, businesses and communities.It is amazing really all that "knowledge" and "competence" – so why would I Blog and who would read it? – Maybe I need to keep doing what I am doing to see what happens!Currently I have twittered 43 Times and have 21 Followers –mostly on Leadership - Not exactly setting the world on fire!!I am just reading an e-book called an Introduction to Business Blogging – a Publication of Hub Spot that provides the following statistics!!➢ Nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes.➢ Companies that blog have 55% more web site visitors➢ B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/month than those who don't.➢ B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/month than those who don't.Maybe there is something to all this – the story unfolds!!
Ben Kehoe 23th September 2013

Entrepeneur Forum


"Ben has the ability to whittle down the complex into bite size chunks."

Board Chairman