Social Media - My Story

Social Media –My Story 
Social media  as a person who remembers radio programs being  entertainment – and a time without TV –the concept of Social Media is somewhat “advanced’!  “Colour TV” was a major innovation! I completed my first computer training in the early 1970's - and hated it - decided I would avoid it if I could!! Major computer installations came and went during which time I successfully sidestepped any involvement -then Personal Computers –how could I avoid them- I tried and was successful for some years - Our first PC was a Hewlett Packard (1991)– and the software - Word perfect – I imagined I would be in the Generation who slipped through ahead of this technology – somehow others (my PA) would do this work and when I became self employed – my wife would manage all the 'data input' – I can remember calling her to print out documents for me –I was incompetent! And then the time came – Sally sacked herself – never to do this work for me again – I was told to do it myself!! So ……. I found a coach!!  Who showed me how to turn it on – how to find my way around the basics – word perfect – internet (1993)– Sally and I together went to a one evening course on the Internet!! What a novelty! My interest was raised– every night for months I spent "surfing the web" – it was a serious learning experience – I actually learnt basic keyboard skills to the point of typing my own reports – (1997) –the period of time between Sally resigning and my emerging competence – we employed Drake Overload. From there in the space of a few years fax disappeared and email replaced it (1997-2000) – then something called My Space emerged – I never understood it – then Facebook – I still don’t understand why anyone would tell the world the most inane-mundane trivia! - then Blogging – what on earth was it and why would anyone write a letter to the Universe in the hope someone would read it? – after much time (2011)- finally I succumbed and established a web site – with no apparent outcome -launched a program for Entrepreneurs and very few replied – advertised only on web etc. – And then Twitter – what the hell is this? – mentioned on TV shows during the 2010 election!!– took ages to work out what it was – and why anyone would use it –  the social new media are still a mystery but I now have a Facebook account – a Linked In account and a Twitter account which combined with a Web site seem to equip me to do something!! Last week I watched a Webinar which painted a picture of all this social media – and with the deftness of a “con” person he suggested that for an investment only four hours a week I could leverage all these media and “change” the world – or increase my business or something – it sounded so easy – so here I go – my first Blog Why am I doing this – because I can? maybe I will learn something!
Ben Kehoe September 12, 2013

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