Social Media - My Story

Social Media –My Story 
Social media  as a person who remembers radio programs being  entertainment – and a time without TV –the concept of Social Media is somewhat “advanced’!  “Colour TV” was a major innovation! I completed my first computer training in the early 1970's - and hated it - decided I would avoid it if I could!! Major computer installations came and went during which time I successfully sidestepped any involvement -then Personal Computers –how could I avoid them- I tried and was successful for some years - Our first PC was a Hewlett Packard (1991)– and the software - Word perfect – I imagined I would be in the Generation who slipped through ahead of this technology – somehow others (my PA) would do this work and when I became self employed – my wife would manage all the 'data input' – I can remember calling her to print out documents for me –I was incompetent! And then the time came – Sally sacked herself – never to do this work for me again – I was told to do it myself!! So ……. I found a coach!!  Who showed me how to turn it on – how to find my way around the basics – word perfect – internet (1993)– Sally and I together went to a one evening course on the Internet!! What a novelty! My interest was raised– every night for months I spent "surfing the web" – it was a serious learning experience – I actually learnt basic keyboard skills to the point of typing my own reports – (1997) –the period of time between Sally resigning and my emerging competence – we employed Drake Overload. From there in the space of a few years fax disappeared and email replaced it (1997-2000) – then something called My Space emerged – I never understood it – then Facebook – I still don’t understand why anyone would tell the world the most inane-mundane trivia! - then Blogging – what on earth was it and why would anyone write a letter to the Universe in the hope someone would read it? – after much time (2011)- finally I succumbed and established a web site – with no apparent outcome -launched a program for Entrepreneurs and very few replied – advertised only on web etc. – And then Twitter – what the hell is this? – mentioned on TV shows during the 2010 election!!– took ages to work out what it was – and why anyone would use it –  the social new media are still a mystery but I now have a Facebook account – a Linked In account and a Twitter account which combined with a Web site seem to equip me to do something!! Last week I watched a Webinar which painted a picture of all this social media – and with the deftness of a “con” person he suggested that for an investment only four hours a week I could leverage all these media and “change” the world – or increase my business or something – it sounded so easy – so here I go – my first Blog Why am I doing this – because I can? maybe I will learn something!
Ben Kehoe September 12, 2013

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"Ben was the inaugural Chairman of Freedom Fuels Advisory Board.  His role was to assist the owners through the transition of the fast growing business."

Matthew Morland, Managing Director, Freedom Fuels