Learn To Play Guitar Online

Learn To Play Guitar Online

When I was just learning I would play my favorite tracks on a phono player (remember those?), and move the needle back and forth trying to duplicate the tracks. I did take official lessons at one point but like most people I really wanted to learn a few pop songs that I liked. It wasn't too much later that I began writing my own songs.

electric guitar lessons near meMany people that know me ask the best and fastest way to learn guitar. It depends on what exactly you want to learn. Do you want to play classical style guitar? Advanced fingerstyle? Or do you want to play screaming lead solos? A good choice may be to become a well rounded guitarist playing many different styles of music.Learn to play guitar online.

Guitar tab and notation is very difficult. Along with playing the notes the guitarist can bend strings, slide up or down the neck or apply many other sounds. On paper, guitar music looks very difficult. If you wish to play classical guitar, you would need to read guitar music. If you wish to play some popular songs however , you wouldn't necessarily need to read music. If you see yourself as a lead guitar hero some scales and theory would help but you wouldn't need to work with sheet music.

One of the best ways to learn to be an all around guitarist is by imitation. We live in a high tech media world that really pays off if you want to learn by copying other guitarists. In the old days a guitarist would slow down a vinyl record playing passages over and over to learn the licks. Nowadays, computers are a great resource to learn to play guitar. One can see videos, slow them down and easily move back and forth in a video, to learn to play. My daughter learned quite a bit on her own by playing YouTube videos until she learned a song.

I usually suggest that someone just starting out learn some chords and scales, and then try to learn songs that they enjoy. A big advantage of this method is that you are learning different styles instead of paying a local instructor a lot of money to learn songs that you would never want to play anyway.

The internet is a great tool for learning including learning guitar. You can learn at your own pace, repeat lessons , and even accompany other instruments, right from your computer. Learn to play the guitar online. 

You can be playing the guitar pretty well in a week.

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